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Descended from short people and beloved by spiders for being the only person in his family to not kill them, Joshua has existed in the south of England for most of his life. When not writing, he spends his time convincing himself he can play instruments, avoiding small-talk in favour of deep, existential conversations usually reserved for 4am, and cursing the fact that, at 199cm tall, he never broke the 2-metre barrier.


His favourite colour is pink, which is probably the least interesting fact about him.


Joshua can be found on Twitter @Mr199cm.

Bron James is an author of science fiction, fantasy and magical realism. He was born with a silver pen in his mouth and has been making up stories for as long as he can remember. His professional début work of fiction, the first instalment of the Sam Hain series of novellas, was first published in 2013.


Born and raised in the south of England, Bron presently lives in London where he writes stories, drinks tea, and dreams improbable dreams.


He's a bit further off 2-metres, at only 189cm tall.



Joshua Harris

Bron James

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