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Sam Hain - Occult Detective by Bron James

1. All Hallows Eve - Kindle

Sam Hain - Occult Detective is a contemporary fantasy series of novellas which follows the supernatural adventures of the eponymous occult detective, Sam Hain, and his burgeoning psychic companion, Alice Carroll. Together, they investigate the paranormal and face off against ghosts, demons, and all manner of other-worldly forces which try to cross from their dimension into our own.


The modern world may have forgotten about beings of myth and magick, but the magickal world has not forgotten about it. Things are not quite as normal as they may seem, and from somewhere across the void, a darkness is coming...



Far Beneath the Distant Stars by Bron James

The Endeavour Expedition was to be a journey of discovery, carrying a crew of researchers to a world 500 light-years away. It promised to be a mission that would pave the way for the future of extrasolar colonisation. However, when members of the expedition start going missing, the crew of the Endeavour discover that something beyond their darkest nightmares lies just beneath the surface of this remote, forbidding planet...


A cosmic horror sci-fi novella set 150 years into the future, Far Beneath the Distant Stars catalogues the mission of the starship Endeavour through the logs of an exogeologist as he witnesses the fate of the expedition unfold before him.

DISTANT STARS cover kindle Kingslayer Front

Kingslayer: A Hunt For The Rogue Knight by Joshua A. Harris

King Harold Fyedragon is dead, murdered in his own bed by a lowborn knight who has since fled the capital. It falls to his disabled son, Prince Gideon, to bring the rogue knight to justice and stamp out a plot to steal the Cantarian throne.


To this end, he hires a local bounty hunter, Brandon Piper. Together, the two of them will travel across the sea in pursuit of the knight, and there learn dark secrets that have been locked away deep in King Harold's palace...



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